how to download olchiki frond, olchiki script in computer

       How to Download olchiki script in PC
Many people have the misconception  olchiki is a language, but olchiki is a script, Santali language..  olchiki script was funded in 1925 .
Pandit Raghunath Murmu is the inventor of Ol Chiki script. He was born in a village, called (Dahardih)Dandbose, on 5th May 1905 on the day of full moon in the district of Mayurbhanj, Orissa.

The OlChiki letters are arranged in a matrix of 6 by 5, in which the six letters in the first column of the matrix are vowels, and the rest  24 letters are consonants. However, the five letters of the third column represent dual consonants, and this, eventually, helps to represent 29 consonants with the help of diacritic Ahad. Ol Chiki gives 5 basic diacritics, and the combination of diacritics Mu Tudag and Gahla Tudag gives rise to another diacritic, called Mu-Gahla Tudag. The matrix of Ol Chiki letters are listed  with transliteration of alphabets, with pronounciation in brackets and their sounds in bracelets.


Santali alphabet and numerals

                                                HOW TO DOWENLOAD                                       OLCHIKI SCRIPT  IN COMPUTER  

1st Step;- download zip link , 

2nd Step:- download file open...

3rd Step:-  Open zip file ,and install the file.....
                  2- ol_chiki_old
                  3- ol_chiki_Royal


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