Karam Puja / Santali Festival karam puja

karam and dharam is two brother. karam puja is the santali most important fastivals in west bengal and Jharkhand.karam puja is a tribal communities w.b with a view  to propitating "Mother of Earth"-the goddesses of cereation. karam puja celebrated on the night of "Bhadr Ekadasi" which is generally in the mid of Aug. It is  besically an agriculture releted fastivel . It is believe that by the blessing of god "karam" they will get bumper crops and their  family will be saved from evil.Mostly woman pray foe better conjugal life. the dance prefrom in the night of karam puja is called " JHUMUR NRITO".It is basically a group  dance perfom by the rhythm of "Dhol" and "Madal by a group of Young man and woman.

            Karam Festival is celebrated by mostly the tribes of west bengal and jharkhand assam, chhattisgarh and many other states of india. the name of the Fastival  is derived  from the neme of the tree called "karam" which is scientifically know as NAUCLEA PARVIFOLIA . this tree is the symbol of koram debotha who is worshipped on the day of the auspicious.

karam tree

dance and puja

karam thakur


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